The Fishing Highway

The Fishing Highway, Highway 24, The Cariboo

Highway 24 is a 100 km long road located in the south Cariboo. It begins in the west at 93 Mile House just south of 100 Mile House. It passes through the small communities of Lone Butte and Bridge Lake. The highway ends in Little Fort. Highway 24 is nicknamed the Fishing Highway because of the endless amount of amazing fishing lakes located along it, and in such close proximity. It offers all kinds of fishing for every type of angler. These lakes offer amazing fly-fishing, spincasting, trolling, and ice fishing making it the perfect place to take a vacation, and is only located 5 hours away from Vancouver. Along the Highway there are endless amounts of campsites and resorts so whether your the outdoorsie type or the pampered type there is lots of options to choose from.

Bridge Lake

Bridge Lake is a popular fishing lake found along the Fishing Highway west of Little Fort. It's unique to the Cariboo as it contains Arctic Grayling. The Lake also contains Lake Trout, Kokanee, Rainbow trout, and Burbot. The lake is stocked with both kokanee and rainbows, both being a popular gamefish to target. The kokanee here are generally small but can get up to 5 pounds. The best way to catch these fish is to use a lake troll or dodger tipped with either a wedding band and worm, a flatfish, or a spoon in between 20-45 feet of water. Dont forget to put a rubber snubber in your troll as well seeing as these fish have soft mouths and need the shock absorber so the hook doesn't tear right through them. The Rainbows in this lake can exceed 6 pounds but are more comonly caught in the 1-2 pound range.  The best time to target these fish is in the spring or fall seeing as the summers get hot up here and the Rainbows get very sluggish and unwilling to chase lures. For fly-fishermen there is a very good spring chironomid hatch, some other popular patterns include damselflies, dragonfly nymph, or mayflies. Try these patterns around the shallows of the small islands where there are usually lots of shoals around.

Bridge Lake is located right on Highway 24 so its very easy to find and there are two private campsites and two resorts on the lake as well as a Provincal campsite. Bridge Lake Provincal Park is a very nice campsite with its own boat launch and a great place to go if you feel like camping out on the lake.

August 16, 2013

Fished Bridge lake from 11:00am to 4:30pm. The lake was windy all day and a strom moved in with heavy rain but I fished through it. My first catch of the day was a 48cm lake trout caught at 110 feet with a 1.5" orange apex flatfish just east of the island called Long Island. I then headed to the northern part of the lake with no success fishing between 30-40 feet for kokanee. I then started to troll through the narrow channel connecting the two deeper sections of the lake at 32 feet and to my suprise a very fiesty Lake trout was on the end of my Willow leaf lake troll with a 1" Pink Apex flatfish. There werent many other boats out on the lake when I was out there but it was a nice day of fishing to end the week up on the Fishing Highway.

Deka Lake

August 15, 2013

Fished Deka Lake in the afternoon from 2:00pm to 730pm. The lake was very windy all afternoon and I was fishing the bigger section of the lake. I trolled at 30 - 40 feet in search of Kokanee at the drop offs and only had a couple hits but nothing stuck. When I got to the other side of the lake I was trolling  at 60 feet for lake trout and saw some structure on my fish finder and few fish right  at the bottom so I immidiatly dropped my downrigger to 80 feet and bam fish on! pulled it up and it was a 45cm Lake trout, and was caught on an 4" orange and white sparkly Apex flatfish. I countinued to fish in this area as my fish finder was loaded with fish and shortly after had a hit on my kokanee troll, a small silver dodger rubber snubber and 1.5" orange flatfish. Pulled the fish to the boat and it was a smaller 41cm Lake trout. I then decided to head in as the storm was starting to get worse and it was going to start getting dark soon.

Horse Lake

August 13, 2013

I fished horse lake from 530am to 530pm. Putting in a 12 hour day on the water in the burning sun can play tricks on you and you begin to think your rod tip moving is indicating a fish and not that wave that just passed. That being said I did have some success fishing for Kokanee, one 38cm and one 41cm. I caught one with a willow leaf lake troll with a 1.5" pink apex flatfish, and the other with a  #04 silver dodger with a 1.5" pink apex flatfish. I also tried my luck with some Lake trout using a 4" black and silver apex flatfish and had one fish on but lost it. The lake is too warm for the rainbows to be very active and the Kokanees caught were between 30-40 feet, and the lake trout even deeper at 80 feet.

A beautiful 12.12 lbs Lake Trout caught by a friend of mines son with a blue and Chrome spoon July 3rd 2014.

Sheridan Lake

August 12, 2013

Seeing as its August Sheridan lake is a little slow right now I only had a few bites and fished for 6 hours with none to the boat. I tried a varitey of lures and flies but nothing was very inticing for the fish. While i was out there I didnt see any other boats catch anything and the weather forced me off the lake earlier then I was hoping to fish when a thunder storm moved in and the wind white capped the lake.

Sulpherous Lake

August 14, 2013

I headed up to Sulpherous lake wednsday evening for a some afternoon fishing. There was very little wind and some overcast so it was great fishing conditions. I had a fish on within the first 10 minutes but I lost it and saw it jump out of the water, it was a nice big kokanee. I had two more fish on over the next couple hours but lost both of those aswell. I then had a double header, one fish being a nice 45cm Lake Trout, and the other a 35cm Kokanee. I was suprised to catch the laker because I had given up fishing for them earlier and had my rubber snubber, silver dodger, and 1.5" pink Apex flat fish on but to my suprise I caught one and was very excited as its my first Lake trout! and it was a beuty. The kokanee was caught on a willow leaf lake troll with a 1.5" orange apex flatfish. It was starting to get dark so i ended up heading in shortly after landing these two fish, the hours fished were from 3:00pm to 8:45pm.

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

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Is the nickel open?

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give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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