Weaver Lake

Weaver Lake, Harrison Mills

Weaver lake is found near the southwest end of Harrison Lake. It is a great place to fish for consistent action for small rainbow and cutthroat trout and is also a great place for a family outing or weekend getaway.

The lake is surrounded by dense forest and consists of two basins with small islands and numerous bays connected by a shallow passageway. The shorelines are wooded with downed and submerged trees offering both habitat and refuge for bugs and fish.

The trout in this lake range in size from 20-40 cm and the lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout. There is a man made spawning grounds at the lake outlet to encourage spawning and natural recruitment adding to the fishery. Beware though there is no fishing in these spawning grounds and there are signs indicating this.

There is a boat launch and a dock at this lake making for easy launching but the road up to this lake is rough and if you're hauling a boat 4x4 is recomended but not essential. Also beware of logs floating around on this lake as they change locations constantly with the wind and can be hazardous

Also note this lake has a 10 hp engine restriction.

How to get there

Weaver Lake is one of several lakes found to the west of harrison lake off of the Harrison wes forest service road. To get there; Take Lougheed Highway towards Harrison. At the Sasquatch Inn take a left on Morris Valley Road. Follow Morris Valley Road for approximtely 11km, the pavment will end after a while. Follow this gravel road up a windy hill until you see a road to your left, this road will be marked with a sign saying Weaver lake Forest Service Road. Follow this road which can be rough, and you will get to weaver lake shortly.

May 24, 2013

Me and rachel headed up to weaver lake friday morning and stated fishing at about 1030. the day started out slow trolling around the lake then we had our first fish, a 28cm cutthroat trout at the passage way between the island and mainland on the Fly rod 1 setup. We trolled around some moreand about 2 hours later landed a 29cm cutthroat trout on the north side of the islands with a bite aswell soon after with the fly rod 2 setup. We then headed back to the main bay when it started to rain and this is when the fren begain we picked up 3 more fish, a 32cm and 20cm cutthroat on Fly Rod 2 and a 24 cm rainbow trout on Fly rod 1. During the rainfall for about an hour we couldnt keep the fish off the line it was screaming like crazy. I miss netted our biggest fish and it got away beside the boat. the others were just bites and we lost them pretty quickly. After the sun came back out the fishing died down and we called it a day around 330. All fish were caught via trolling.

Fly rod 1
The first setup was a 9' 6# fly rod with an intermediate sinking line and a fast sinking leader with about 4' of mono line. The fly i used was a #10 Black Doc Spratley.
Fly rod 2
The second setup was a 9' 5# fly rod with a sinking tip line and mono line leader about 5' long. The fly I used was a #10 cone head Black Wolly bugger with sparkles tied in with the black.

April 20-21 2014

Rachel and I went camping at weaver lake on the Easter long weekend. the fish are very active right now and we had lots of hook ups. We landed 3 Rainbows with many more lost. The biggest one caught was a 37cm rainbow in spawn. There's lots of small fish in the lake but are also some larger spawning Rainbows that are being caught. We used a couple different things but had the best success with an olive Doc Spratley and a silver 1/16th ounce Croc spoon. Some other good flies to use is a Wolly Bugger or Micro leech in black or olive and pumpkin head leetcha are also working well.

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you might be the only person I ve come across that's likes fishing more than me

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

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Thanks for this info. And idea if this Lake has swimmers itch? We’re going with the kids and want to be prepared!

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Is the nickel open?

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give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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