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Artic Grayling

Black Crappie

Brook Trout

Brown Trout

Bull Trout


Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon are the biggest of the 5 pacific salmon avreging 10-20lbs, but fish 30-40+lbs are not rare. There are a few characteristics that seperate Chinooks from the other salmon species when identifing them. Chinook salmon's gum is black but the outer edge of their jaw is white, therefore they are also called blackmouths. Their blue-green back and tail are completely covered with tiny spots. Chinook salmon's head tends to be shorter than other salmon species. They are sometimes called "blunt-nose". Jack Chinook salmon are males that return to their natal streams one year earlier than other adults. Jacks are categorized as either fish that are under 62cm or 50cm, depending on which natal stream the fish return to.

Fishing Techniques

Chinook salmon can be targeted in the ocean all year but the best time to fish for them is as they start to stage for entering the rivers to spawn. Chinook salmon are taken by trolling baitfish, hootchies, spoons and plastic bait. Timing and depth selection are important keys whenyou are attempting to find a school of chinook salmon.

In large rivers such as the Fraser River, barfishing is a popular technique using a large spin n glow and large weight to keep the bait anchoured to the bottom, all attached to a bar rig. In smaller tributaries where chinook salmon return to spawn, they can be caught by fly, lure casting or float fishing. Popular bait or presentations used under a float in rivers include roe and wool in various colours. Big spoons are common lures used when casting for them. For fly-fishing using big bold flies and a heavy sinking tip can be successful. Fish are generally found in deep runs and pools, especially on bright days when they need to find structures for protection.

Chum Salmon

Coho Salmon

Dolly Varden


Lake Trout

Largemouth Bass

Coastal Cutthroat

Northern Pike

Pink Salmon

Every odd numbered year in the river systems of BC the Pink Salmon come up river to spawn.The Pink Salmon of BC are the smallest of the Pacific Salmon averaging 4-6lbs, with bigger fish up to 12lbs available. Their runs are overwhelmingly huge, providing anglers with a very consistent and fun-filled sport fishery. Some years, this BC salmon run exceeds 25 million fish. The Pink run is considered a world-class fishery, providing some of the best salmon fishing in BC.

The Pink Salmon are very aggressive and are probably the easiest to catch out of the 5 BC salmon species. If you’re just learning how to fly fish, this is the fishery for you…there are so many fish around that you will catch fish! Traditional spinning and casting gear is also extremely effective using a variety of baits, and these fish are a lot of fun on light tackle. The Pink Salmon are in the Fraser River and its tributaries from July to September. The Pink Salmon fishery is truly a great fishing experience for everyone who enjoys fishing and the outdoors.

Fishing Techniques

The fishing techniques for pink salmon are simplistic. They will often chase colourful lures, jigs and flies without any hesitation, making them one of the easiest salmon to catch. The rod and reel set up for pink salmon should not be too heavy, otherwise it takes away the fun. Since the fish are not very big, your fishing line should be between 6 and 10lb test. The rods should be light to medium action, flexible is ideal. The length of the rod is dictated by the style of your fishing. If you are spinning, then a 6 foot rod is good enough. If you are drifting in streams, a 10 foot rod is necessary for you to be able to fish comfortably. For flyfishing, depending on the condition of the waters you are fishing in (current, depth), a 5 or 6 weight rod is strong enough.

Any type of lures should work, as long as it is heavy enough to reach the schools and that the colour is right. Some of pink salmon's favorite colours include pink, red, orange and green. Some lures that you may want to try out include Gibbs Croc and Koho spoons (1/4 to 3/8 ounce is ideal), Apex, Deadly Dick, Buzz Bomb, spin n glow, wool and pink worm. For more information on pink salmon fishing. When fishing for pink salmon in the ocean, look for signs of fish. These include feeding on the surface, leaping out of the water or even just watching fish swimming around in the water.

Rainbow Trout

Smallmouth Bass

Sockeye Salmon



Westslope Cutthroat


White Sturgeon

Yellow Perch

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