Ambleside Area

Ambleside, West Vancouver

Ambleside is an ocean front park located just off Marine Drive in West Vancouver with good fishing opportunities and a boat launch. There is a long pier going right out onto the water where you can crab or fish at any tide, Although during peak season on a nice day this pier can get very crowded. The boat launch at Ambleside is very easy to launch at high tide but at low tide it is extremley difficult. If you don't have four wheel drive don't attempt to launch at low tide, I have had to back 20 feet into the ocean with my truck to get my boat deep enough to launch. There are only enough parking spaces for 4 or 5 veichles so get there early on the weekend if you want a spot there but there is also parking at Ambleside Park just east of the boat launch, and also parking and launching is FREE. From Ambleside you have the whole open ocean to choose from. Crabbing anywhere around Ambleside is very good up to 100 feet deep and prawn fishing is great between 200 to 300 feet a little further into the Burrard inlet. For salmon fishing there are many places to fish in the area not too far away. The Capilano river mouth can be very productive from June - August for Coho. On the other side of Stanley Park in the Vancouver Harbour there's fishing all year round but a hot spot to check out would be what is called the "hump" which is on the south side of Bowen Island. There's also Lingcod all around these areas as well.

How to get there

Ambleside is located in West Vancouver. To get there from highway 1 take Exit 11, then make a left onto 15th Street. Take 15th Street south all the way down to Marine Drive then make a left. Head east one block to 13th Street then make a right, cross the railroad tracks and follow the road to your right. There is parking on the right hand side and a boat launch on the left a little further down as well as parking for trailers only beside the launch.

June 5, 2013

Headed out to Ambleside today with my cousin Trevor. We ended up launching about an hour before the lowest tide because we hit a lot of traffic. I had to back way out into the water due to the tide, so be careful. Once we were in the boat we went over to the Capilano River mouth and started fishing around 10:00am. We also threw out the crab traps as well, and used chicken necks as bait on both traps we put out. We ended up pulling in about 40+  Dungeness Crabs and 2 Red Rock crabs, but only 10 were legal keeping size and we could only keep 8 between the 2 of us so we tossed the 2 smaller ones. For Salmon fishing we had about 3 fish on but lost them while reeling them in. We were using Koho spoons that were orange and silver and silver Buzz-bombs. All and all it was a beautiful day out and we couldn't have asked for better weather, hopfully the Coho fishing picks up a bit a little later this month.

July 20 and 21, 2013

Hit up the salt chuck today with Rachel and my friend Cavin. We started fishing around 8:00am and started trolling west at about 25 feet in depth with a green and violet hootch and 50 feet in depth with an anchovy. We ended up hooking into an octopus leg first which was still moving when we got it on the boat. Right after that we hooked into our first Salmon which was of the Pink variety about 3lbs in size. It was caught at 25 feet so I switched the other up to 20 feet with a green hoochie and was greeted with success with a beautiful 5lbs Coho. we kept trolling those depths and hooked another Coho but lost it beside the boat before we could net it. Ended at around 1:00pm. For flashers I was using an 11" UV violet one and a 8" purple one with solid silver flash.

The next day I headed back here again to fish with my dad and fished from 9:00am to 1:00pm. We had one on the line but lost it right at the boat and landed another shortly after. The one we landed was a 3lbs Pink Salmon and it was caught at 15 feet with a green flasher and green hoochie tipped with a 1/0 hook.

Setup 1
11 inch Violet UV flasher with 1.5 inch green Hoochie on it with the leader being 30 inch's
Setup 2
8 inch purple flasher with 1.5 inch violet, pink and white double glow Hoochie on it with the leader being 20 inch's
Setup 3
8 inch purple flasher with 1.5 inch blue and green double glow Hoochie on it with the leader being 20 inch's

July 31, 2013

West Vancouver continues to provide great fishing for Salmon. Fished from 6:00am to 2:00pm with most of the action happening in the morning. All the fish were caught between 20-40 feet with the majority of the fish being Coho with a couple pinks aswell. Landed three two of which being 5-6 pounds and one being a 2 pounder. Lost about 10 others as well, a couple misnetted beside the boat. Fishing is great here right now and should continue being good for the next couple months.

August 3, 2013

Fished off Ambleside today from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Fished west of Navvy Jack point further out on the water where the depth was over 100 feet. Was fishing between 35-75 feet and had many hook ups but got our first fish, a 3.8lbs Pink, on the boat at 70 feet using a 11" green flasher and white 2.5" hoochie with herring scent. Continuing at 70 feet we hooked into a big Chinook but lost it just as it was coming up to the boat, but they are there. Our next fish caught, a 6.1lbs pink, was caught fishing at 40 feet using a 11" UV pink Jellyfish flasher with a 2.5" pink hoochie with shrimp scent. We only landed 2 but had many hookups. We also threw out our crab trap today just west of the Ambleside in 40 feet of water using chicken necks before we went trolling and on the way back picked it up to find 8 crabs in there with 2 keepers measering just over 7". For such a short amount of time on the water there was alot of action.

August 7, 2013

Ambleside was slow today only pulled in two Salmon with a double header, one wild Coho and one Pink. Fished from 7:00am to 3:00pm with a couple hours of those being fished at the location "Hole in the Wall" around the corner of the lighthouse. The fish were caught with an 11" pink UV jellyfish flasher and a 2.5" pink hootchie. We also had a crab and prawn trap out the crab trap was out just off the pier at 50 feet with left over salmon parts and had 1 keeper in it. The prawn trap was left out at 150 feet just north of Stanley Park, and when we picked it up there was only one in there, but it was my first so I'm happy. All in all the fishing has slowed down off West Van but should pick up when another wave of Pinks come through.

August 9, 2013

Fished Ambleside again from 7:00am to 1:00pm. The morning was red hot with non-stop action but then around 10:00am it died and nothing happened after that. The two fish we did catch were caught in a 10 minute window with one being a double header but lost one. Both were 3 lbs and both were caught with a green flasher and 2.5" white hoochie. The other rod had a few hits and we were using a UV jellyfish pink flasher with a 2.5" pink hoochie. We didn't catch any prawns today, hopefully next time. For crabs we picked up 3 keepers using raw chicken.

January 26th 2014

Rachel and I tried our luck with the winter Chinook fishery. Fished from 8:00am until 2:15pm but didn't have any luck until the flood tide started rolling in at noon. The fog was very thick and we had to navigate souly with our compass and depths. We trolled at 90-110 feet all day and had A few bites but the first fish to the boat was a flounder. Then we were suprised to get a double header! After a great fight we landed a 64cm, 6lbs and a 72cm, 10lbs Chinook Salmon. They were caught on a chartreuse dyed anchovy with a purple onioN flasher, and the other on a cookies and cream 3.5" spoon with a green onion flasher. We fished for another hour after with just a couple small bites before we called it a day.

June 1st 2014

Tried our luck out off of West Vancouver on June 1st. I was fishing with Rachel and Cavin, and the weather was great. We didnt catch anything but did have one hit strong enough to unclip the line from the downrigger. I predict things will start to pick up in a couple weeks to a month so I will try my luck then.

July 26th 2014

Headed out to Ambleside to dial in my boat and gear before leaving for Campbell River. My cousin Trever joined me today as we fished for Coho and Chinooks off of West Vancouver. It was a slow morning with other boats in the area finding the same thing. We had a few hits but didnt manage to catch and Salmon today, although we did accidently hook a flounder.

July 1st 2015

Fished off West Vancouver on Canada Day, with sucess! We ran 3 Rods at depths from 15'-40'. We were out on the water from 6am to 12pm with two Coho being caught, the larger one being 22". We caught both the fish on a glow/UV green flasher with a 3' leader and a White glow hootchie with yellow eyes. The seas were rough with long rolling waves about 6-8' high. Tides were high when we launched with low tide at 11:30am.

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Ron | Reply 10.11.2015 21.36

Did you see the recent concept from west Vancouver on the Ambleside waterfront plan. It shows the elimination of the boat ramp and a plaza going in the area.

Anselmo | Reply 01.09.2015 12.40

Hi James,
Nice and useful blog for beginner like me.

Mitch | Reply 13.07.2015 04.15

Hi James,
Are you still fishing the Ambleside area? I enjoyed reading your blog and was wondering if you are planning on keeping up with it?

Admin 21.07.2015 19.32

Hey Mitch, I am still fishing the Ambleside area, and will keep posting as i go.

Shawn | Reply 15.09.2014 16.59

Hi James,
Nice job with your website. very useful. Keep it up please!
One question, what type of boat are you using in the photos around Ambleside Park area?

Admin 16.09.2014 07.03

Hey Shawn,
Thanks for the support. My boat is a 18' Lund Pike side console with a 60hp Merc / 8hp Merc kicker,

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give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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