Ice Fishing Adventures

Davis Lake, December 22nd 2013

Rachel and I headed out ice fishing at Davis Lake in Vought Valley on Sunday. The ice was 10" thick and the Rainbows were hungry. We headed out onto the frozen lake at 7:45am and started fishing shortly after. There were a lot of hits all day but we only landed one, we were using a 2" red whirltail. I think it was a little big so I got some mini whirltails for next time. We were also using lil-foxies minnow immitations that had a few bites as well. We were fishing near the surface and relocated three times. It wasn't too cold so it was easy to stay warm and the snow was only a few inches deep. It was alot of fun and we plan on heading out again very soon get your augers ready the ice fishing season is in full swing!

Boss Lake, December 29th 2013

Rachel, my bother-in-law Tim and I headed out to Vought Valley for some ice fishing early Sunday. We got there around 6:00AM when it was still dark. We headed out on the lake and made up camp on a flat part of the lake near some weeds, I used some lake charts for reference. We stayed there for a bit and Tim caught his first fish through the ice there, a small 25cm Rainbow. He caught a second one there also which was a little bigger at 35cm and was a pound and a half. Rachel was lucky enough to also catch her first fish through the ice there, which was about 30cm. We then moved spots about half way down the lake along the eastern shoreline with no success so we moved again to the south eastern part of the lake and caught 2 more 35cm Rainbows. We caught 5 fish total with all of them being caught with orange Gulp! trout nuggets. It was a fun day out and the ice was at 10" thick.

Tunkwa Lake, December 19th-21st, 2014

Tunkwa lake is a popular Raindow trout fishing destination located 85km North of Merritt. During the hardwater season getting to the lake is easy through the Provinvial Park day use area. If your looking to stay awhile, there is Tunkwa Lake Resort, offering beutiful lakeside cabins, i highly recomend it. For more info Click here.

Rachel and I headed up to Tunkwa Lake on friday morning and got right to fishing in the afternoon. We had no luck but enjoyed a night in our fire stove cabin. The next morning we headed out nice and early to the mouth of a southern bay. Our setup was simple and effective, start with a 1/2-3/4oz spoon of your choice (I prefer silver or copper) then tie on 10-12" of 20lbs flurocarbon leader tied onto a small coloured ice jig tipped with a small length of earthworm. The high test line between the spoon and jig are to prevent the line from tangling while you jig. We caught a couple fish here but moved down the bay into about 8' of water. We fished this area until we left sunday afternoon. We caught over a dozen fish with the biggest being 3lbs, and another couple at 2lbs. The ice was about 12" thick and the hot spots were in the bays about 10' off the shoreline in 6-8' of water, fishing 3' under the ice. The fish move in as schools looking for fish so the fishing can get fast and furious for an hour or two then it can slow down just as fast, but keep your line in the water our biggest fish was caught during a slow stretch. The fishing was great and will continue to be until March.

Harmon Lake, December 28th, 2014

The four of us headed up to the Kane Valley for a day of frozen fishing. Highway conditions were poor with accidents on Highway 5 in both directions, but we did get to see them filming highway thru hell. Harmon lake has a solid foot of ice on it, along with the other lakes in this region. We fished with a flasher then jig with bait 10" below. We had two hits but didn't manage to land them, other then that it was a pretty slow day. There were other anglers on the lake aswell who were having simiar success.

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Donny | Reply 21.01.2016 15.08

Do you need a 4wd truck to get to Davis or can an AWD wagon make it ?

Kyle | Reply 07.01.2015 21.59

Is there any closer lakes to ice fish I'm from Langley as well and was wondering if there is anything around like hope area

Admin 07.01.2015 22.12

Ive been trying to find closer lakes but the Kane/Vougt Valley is the access, plowed. The problem with the few lakes that are closer is snowmobile access only

david | Reply 30.12.2013 15.52

Great site and great pictures

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22.09 | 10:54

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

12.08 | 08:30

Thanks for this info. And idea if this Lake has swimmers itch? We’re going with the kids and want to be prepared!

07.06 | 08:31

Is the nickel open?

06.06 | 13:34

give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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