Murphy Lakes

Murphy Lakes

These twin lakes are located within the Coquihalla Mountain Range at the foot of Grasshopper Mountain. West Murphy Lake is easily accessed from a short trail through Murphy Lake Recreation Site. There are rumors that you can access the eastern lake through a 4wd road but I have yet to find that access point. The only access is to go through the western lake to the east side then follow a short path to the eastern lake. Both these lakes are stocked and receive low fishing pressure so there is lots of fishing action. You can fish from shore but its very limited and if your fly-fishing you will definitely need a float tube or small boat that you can carry in. Tom Thumbs and Micro Leeches are the most popular flys to use in black or green.

How to get there

Murphy Lakes are located within the Coquihalla Mountain Range. To get there from the Coquihalla Highway take exit 228, then make a right onto the first road after the exit. Shortly after you get onto this road you will see a gravel road on your left hand side labeled Tulameen River Forest Service Road. Follow this for 8kms then you will come up to a Y in the road, take the left hand road which is called Lawless-Britton Forest Service road. About 4kms down you will see a road to your right and should have a sign saying Recreation Site. Follow this road down until you come up to Murphy Recreation Site on your left.


June 10, 2013

I headed up to Murphy Lakes with my float tube and fly rods early today. I was using a floating line for the dry flys and for the leech I was using an intermediate sinking line. Started fishing around 6:30am and there was lots of surface action. I decided to use a Elk Hair Caddis dry fly since I saw a lot of small brown flies on the surface of the water and picked up two 20cm and a 24cm Rainbow trout. After the surface action died down I headed over to the eastern lake and used a leech with a full sinking line. I had one huge hit that I lost and a few bites but that's it. I decided to head back over to the western lake and the surface action was back. I used a black Tom Thumb and ended up landing three more Rainbows, a 20cm, 24cm and a 26cm. The weather started out clouldy but the sun did come out but the lakes were consistantly windy all day.

Elk Hair Caddis
This is a #10 Elk Hair Caddis which I caught 3 fish on
Tom Thumb
This is a #10 Tom Thumb which I caught 3 fish on

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22.09 | 10:54

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

12.08 | 08:30

Thanks for this info. And idea if this Lake has swimmers itch? We’re going with the kids and want to be prepared!

07.06 | 08:31

Is the nickel open?

06.06 | 13:34

give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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