Kane Valley Lakes

Kane Valley

The beautiful Kane Valley is located southeast of Merritt in-between Coldwater and Aspen Grove. The Kane Valley Road is a well maintained 32km gravel road and is regularly used by people to bypass the Coquihalla as a shortcut to get to the Coquihalla Connecter. I like to call the Kane Valley Road the country coq bypass. The Kane Valley has a lot to offer besides just fishing; Cross country skiing, ATVing, camping, and horseback riding is very popular here as well. There are dozens of little ponds most with names including lower or upper and even one called Chicken Ranch.

How to get there

There are a few ways to get there but the easiest way is off of the Coq. From the Coquihalla take the Coldwater exit just after Larson Hill. After exiting the freeway make a left and go under the highway. Follow this road for about 4kms or so and you should see a road on the right marked Kane Valley Road. Follow this road staying left at the two turn offs, one at 9km and one at about 17km. The first lake you will come across in the Kane Valley is Englishman Lake and then the others follow quickly. The ones that dont have BC Rec sites and are stocked all have signs in front of them telling you the name.

Harmon Lake

Harmon Lake is the biggest lake in the Kane Valley chain of lakes. It is a busy fishing destination with the most popular form of fishing being trolling. Its not uncommon on a calm summer night to see dozens of boats on the water as well as swimmers. The biggest reason it is so popular is because it is surrounded by three campsites, two BC Recreation sites and one private site. The boat launch is located at the Harmon Lake East Rec Site. The lake is populated with red-sided shiners, so like every other lake with this infestation, the lake is stocked with the Blackwater Strain of Rainbow trout who feed upon the shiners. Because of this Rainbows in the 2-6 pound range are fairly common. There are not a lot of trout in this lake but the ones that are grow to a good size. Gear anglers can try using shiner imitation lures like Buzz Bombs, spoons, and spinners around underwater structures and weedbeds where the shiners hide out. For fly anglers chironomids, bottom walkers and micro leeches work great and when fish are rising try caddis flies, mayflies and of course the good old Tom Thumb. Streamer patterns imitating shiners work good when insect hatches are on the decline.  

June 17, 2013

I headed up to Harmon Lake nice and early and started fishing at 5:30am. There weren't really any fish rising so I stuck with my sinking line and black/burgandy micro leech. I had some nibbles and then at about 8:30am I had a fish on and pulled in a beautiful one pound Rainbow. I also saw an injured shiner floating in the water so I netted him to check him out. It was 6 inches long and had a big wound on its stomach. I didnt know these fish got this big. After I released him and got back to fishing, action died down with the fish just nibbling at my flies and not being very aggresive so at 1:30pm I called it a day

This fly had the most success on, a #10 Micro Leech with a red wire band and burgundy marabou tied in with the black. I was using a type II sinking tip fly line

Englishmen Lake

Englishmen Lake is the first lake in the Kane Valley coming eastboundm and is the most overlooked mainly because of the weeds surrounding the lake and a lack of a Rec Site. But dont be fooled the Rainbow trout in here can reach sizes up to 8lbs though one to two pounds is avrege. This is due to the fact that the Rainbows are of the Blackwater variety to fight off the redsided shiners. This is the perfect lake to fly fish on from a float tube or small boat because there is an abundince of insect activity, specifically a large mayfly hatch, and lots of cover to cast to. Note there is a bait ban on this lake and a single barbless hook is required. Some successful flies to try on this lake would be micro leechs, dragonfly nymphs and of coarse mayflys.

June 27, 2013

I originally started my day off at Upper Kane Lake but after two hours of no bites and not even  fish rising I decided to head back down the road to Englishmen and got a line wet at about 830am. I was immidiatly treated with success hooking up a giant rainbow that I fought on the line for about five minutes before loosing it. Throughout the day I had lots of action and landed four fish total, two one pounders measuring 30cm and two pound and half trouts measuring 32cm. I also ended up loosing another in between with lots of bites. I tried a couple flies but the only one I had success on was my personelly tied micro leech in black. I fished this lake until 1230pm.

Micro Leech
#12 black micro leech with red glitter thread wrapped around the dubbed body.

Kane Lakes

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Hi there, we are driving from Agassiz, where would we call to secure a campsite?

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hi there I'm not able to find out if motors are allowed on the lakes in kane valley ?

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Yes they are.

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22.09 | 10:54

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

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Thanks for this info. And idea if this Lake has swimmers itch? We’re going with the kids and want to be prepared!

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Is the nickel open?

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give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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