Stacey Lake

Stacey Lake, Harrison Mills

This high elevation lake is located on top of Mount Woodside, and the drive up offers some amazing views of the valley. This lake is stocked several times a year with aggressive, scrappy fighting rainbows. There is shore fishing available along the trail that circles the lake but the best fishing is from a float tube. This lake is high enough that it doesn't suffer from the summer doldrums and is fishable throughout the year. Gear fisherman can bottom fish with power eggs of float with worms with success, and fly-fisherman can use dry flies such as an adams or dragonfly and wet flies like leeches, Doc Spratleys, or dragon nymphs can easily produce fish.

How to get there

Stacey Lake is located on top of Mount Woodside in between Harrison Mills and Agassiz off of Highway 7. To get to the lake, follow Lougheed Highway from Mission. About 6km after Kilby right before the two lanes of the highway merge make a left onto a gravel road, you will see the large forestry sign saying Woodside Mountain Forest Service Road. Follow the main road and after the 6.5km sign you will see a road to your left. Take this rough road and the lake will be to your left shortly.

July 5th, 2013

I made my way up Woodside Mountain to Stacey lake and started fishing around 11:00AM. I had immediate success on my large winged adams fly landing 3 rainbows fairly quickly around the logs on the west side one of which was the biggest of the day 32cm. I then put on my James Dragonfly and caught 5 rainbows all between 27-31cm in length. I then tried my James Dragonfly nymph and landed 2 29cm rainbows. I put my adams back on for the rest of the day and landed 3 more 30cm rainbows. It was a great day on the water but a little windy. This lake is definitely getting put on my favorites list. Caught 13 fish overall and got countless hits.

Big wing adams
Caught 6 on this. #10 adams but tied with bigger wings.
James Dragonfly
Caught 5 on this. #12 hook large deer hair wings sitting flat with the body.
James Dragonfly Nymph
Caught 2 on this. #10 hook, olive dragonfly nymph.

September 27th 2014

I headed up to Stacey Lake solo today fishing from 7am - 10am. Hooked into lots of small aggressive fish but did see some bigger fish breaking the surface. i started the day using a Olive Doc Spratley with little success so I switched over to a pumpkin head leetch. I started catching small rainbows so I tried out an Olive Wolly bugger with the same success. I was using a sinking tip line with a medium sinking rate.

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Egon Speneder | Reply 12.09.2018 12.03

Should I expect Loging Trucks to come barreling down the road while driving up the to Stacey Lake?!

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24.07 | 18:12

Low tide coinciding with sunrise would be your best bet, from 6AM to 8AM, then go for coffee and enjoy rest of day.

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When does it get stocked

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How do you get to Campbell river ?

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Hi there, we are driving from Agassiz, where would we call to secure a campsite?

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