Murray Lake

Murray Lake

Murray Lake is a nice high elevation lake located just off the coquihalla highway halfway between Hope and Merritt. It offers great fishing all year round for some scrappy stocked Rainbow trout. Even in the dead of winter when its -20*C and the lakes under two feet of ice, the ice fishing up here can be fantastic. Both the north and south end of the lake offer a BC Recreation Site with the boat launch being located at the south and offering 3 campsites. The north site offers 12 campsites. The lake is divided up into two main parts that are seperated by a shallow channel. The southern part is shallower getting up to 20 feet while north of this channel gets alot deeper, around 70 feet in areas. For gear fisherman trolling flatfish, lucky bugs or a lake troll with a wedding band and worm can work or casting spoons, spinners, or lucky bugs can also do well. For fly fishermen casting dry flies at rising fish like adams, damselflies or elk hair caddis can do well or slow retriving a bloodworm or micro leech around some structure can also produce. You can also choose to troll around a Wolly Bugger, Doc Spratley or egg sucking leech and have great results.

How to get there

Murray Lake is located 6kms up a gravel road off the Juliet exit of the Coquihalla Highway. To get here take exit 338 and follow the road under the freeway, you should come up to a logging road on your left called Murray Lake FSR. Take this for 6km and you will reach the southern part of the lake first where the boat launch is and 3 rec sites. Keep going and you will pass a bunch of cabins then the north rec site will come up offering 12 sites.

July 12-14 2013

Rachel and I headed up to Murray Lake friday afternoon and after setting up camp we fished for a few hours that night with no success. We fished the next morning and ended up catching a beautiful chrome 32cm Rainbow using a bloodworm pattern. The rest of the day didn't produce anything for us but there were a lot of fish rising. Sunday morning was our best. Rachel was casting a Lucky Bug and caught a nice 36cm rainbow, and I caught a 26cm with a Lucky Bug. We only ended up with 3 fish and a few bites with Rachel landing the biggest fish.

Size 12 bloodworm with red glitter thread body, caught one with this
Lucky Bug
Red body with green wings, Rachel caught the big one with this
Lucky Bug
Green body with red wings caught a little guy with this.

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bob | Reply 16.05.2016 16.54 the snow melted enough to go into murray lake yet?

Trenton | Reply 17.06.2014 23.31

Hi there! My girlfriend and I are doing a bike tour, and are considering camping here. Just wondering if you think the road up to the lake is bikeable or not.

James 18.06.2014 20.15

Of traffic so use cation.

James 18.06.2014 20.11

Hello, The road heading up to Murray Lake is all uphill with a fairly nice gravel road, although it is fairly narrow with sharp corners and there is quite a bit

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22.09 | 10:54

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

12.08 | 08:30

Thanks for this info. And idea if this Lake has swimmers itch? We’re going with the kids and want to be prepared!

07.06 | 08:31

Is the nickel open?

06.06 | 13:34

give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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