Nicomekl River

Nicomekl River

The Nicomekl River springs from ground in Langley BC around 240th. The river then runs though surrey then dains into Mud Bay by Cresent beach. The Rivers total length is 34 kms and is fishable downstream of 208th with many access points. Thereis a Hatchery to help the Salmon fishery on this river which is %100 volunter run. The best fishing on this river is for Coho Salmon which avredge about 5lbs and are best caught in the fall. There are also a good population of Cutthroat trout is here which are small but give some variety of fishing. Altho in small numbers there are also Steelhead, and Chinooks in this river aswell. Thr best method for fishing this river is by casting spoons and spinners. For the Cohos K-wobblers work wounders with a slow retrive in silver or gold while blue fox all silver or silver blade with blue or green body work good aswell. Make sure to check the regulations on this river before you go out as it does change often.

November 10th 2013

Rachel and I decided to try out the Nicomekl River today since its so close to home and offers some good Salmon fishing. We headed over to 184th and walked downstream a bit to where the river got a little wider and deeper. The tide was incoming so we figured some fresh fish would be rushing the system. i started the day casting spinners while Rachel was casting spoons. I caught a nice little cutthtoat with a bluefox gold spinner with a red blade. Rachel then caught a nice hatchery 5lbs Coho Salmon with a k4 gibbs k-wobble silver plated. It was still chrome with just a nice red streak on it, very nice looking fish. An hour later I caught a 4lbs wild Coho with thesame k4 spoon Rachel was using. For such a small city river i was suprised to see how well the Coho fishing is doing.

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Grant | Reply 07.07.2017 20.58

Hi James, went down to 184th and the Nicomekl River and I see signs everywhere that there's no trespassing. What are you doing to get access?

David | Reply 11.10.2014 15.27

Hey James,
I'm a total newbie. Where to find "k4 gibbs k-wobble silver plated" lures? What weight to get? 1/2 oz, 1oz,..? Is bait on the hook required? worms?

David 11.10.2014 21.42

Thanks a lot! Nice website BTW.

Admin 11.10.2014 17.00

Hey David
K-wobblers from Gibbs come in 2 sizes 3/8 or 5/8 (k3, k4) and 4 colours.
No bait required
Most local tackle shops carry them. Ie Wholesale Sports

Admin | Reply 27.09.2014 16.39

Hello Ezra,
You can eat Fish caught in the Nicomekl River I have.
Limits are 1 Chinook, 1 hatchery Coho and 2 Hatchery Trout over 30cm

Ezra | Reply 19.09.2014 10.09

Can you keep and eat the coho and cutthroat that you caught in the Nicomekl?

HarryRV | Reply 20.08.2014 12.01

please keep me informed, as I would like to fish the local streams

gammyhook | Reply 19.08.2014 00.08

theres no sockeye in the nicomekyl. try near the dykes about 100 meters away.

TK | Reply 06.08.2014 14.25

Hey have you ever been on the nicomekl or serpentine for sockeye? And do you no any good spots

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12.08 | 18:01

Thats a spiny dog fish pal (also known as mud shark). Salmon sharks are completely different...almost look like a mini great white.

Great website!!!

14.07 | 17:53

hi there I'm not able to find out if motors are allowed on the lakes in kane valley ?

12.07 | 10:29

Hi James. Do you have any advice on how to deter people from raiding and stealing my crabs traps? I've lost 2 so far and been raised 10 out of 12 times.

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Bonjour Tchad,
Surpris de te retrouver à Vancouver! Un changement de vie pour toi aussi? Moi, dans un village de France.Sois heureux!

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