Jones Lake

Jones Lake (Wahleach Lake)

Jones Lake, also known as Wahleach lake is a high elevation BC Hydro impoundment set behind Mount Cheam. It has a beautiful setting and has a stocked population of Cutthroat trout that grow surprisingly big, in excess of 60cm, due to the BC Hydro funded fertilization project. The lake also holds stocked Kokanee and Rainbow trout which average 20-25cm. Due to the lakes high elevation (640m) the lake is usually not accessable between December and March due to deep snow. Prior to the reservoir being formed, it was logged and flooded causing the bottom to be littered with logs and stumps, so use extra cation as the water level fluctuates and dead heads can appear in places they weren't before. All the logs on the bottom can also provide perfect cover for the fish so there's lots of places for them to hide. The best method of fishing this lake is trolling, for Kokanee the classic lake troll, wedding band tipped with a worm setup works wounders while for the Trout a stickleback immitation such as a flat fish, Doc Spratley, or leetchs can work perfectly trolled within 50 meters of shore.

October 6th, 2013

Rachel and I headed up to Jones Lake today and started fishing around 8:00am. The water was calm all day and at a good level, and the weather was beautiful as well making it a really nice day in the boat.  The view is gorgeous. We started the day by trolling an olive micro leetch and an olive Doc Spratey. We caught a little 22cm Cutthroat trout on the Spratley with a floating line so continued to use it. We noticed a lot of fish rising so we started casting adams flies and had two bites but didnt manage to pull them in. We called is a day at 2:00pm.

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22.09 | 10:54

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year these lakes usually freeze up?

12.08 | 08:30

Thanks for this info. And idea if this Lake has swimmers itch? We’re going with the kids and want to be prepared!

07.06 | 08:31

Is the nickel open?

06.06 | 13:34

give it a shot, caught a 1.5 pounder last summer. i used a frog and attacked thick cover

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