Trolling for Salmon


Getting Started

Choosing a Boat

Choosing the right boat to suite your fishing needs can be very tricky. There are many different types of boats to choose from and costs can gratly vary. Whatever kind of boat fits your budget is key but make sure it dosent break the bank. You also have to take into account that you may have to outfit your boat with such things as a fishfinder, downriggers, rod holders or even a kicker motor. This should be added to your budget and when looking see whats included.

The first thing to decide on is the hull type and length of your boat. Generally a deep V fiberglass boat is the way to go but they can be heavier and require more horsepower to run which means more fuel. Aluminium boats are becoming more and more popular but are alot more expensive for equal size and certian features like a sleeper. You must also take into consideration how many passengers you will regularly have. With two people a 14'-16' boat may fit your needs but if you have a family an 18'-24' boat may fit your needs better.

Outfitting your boat can be expensive, especially if you buy everything new. Key items you need are: rodholders, fishfinder, downrigger, trolling motor,

Terminal Tackle


Safety on the Ocean

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02.11 | 17:54

the lake is closed to fishing

02.11 | 07:27

Mike, I know the bass-catcher's mom and spoke to him in person. He had the pic of the bass, which ran in the paper. He could have hoaxed it — but I doubt it.

01.11 | 18:07

Barry, I read somewhere that the old report of the bass was a "hoax". I don't know any details. As far as I'm aware, none have been caught since.

01.11 | 11:48

Mike, I'm the sports writer for the Hope Standard and I wrote of a local, named _ Peterson, who caught a bass in the lake. It was about 2005. None since?

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